At first glance, this may look like a default Laravel installation with some minor changes. There's a very good reason for this: It's exactly what's happening
The aim of this site is to practice techniques, create personal projects and continue learning. The current setup in place is using Git repositories for deployment and source control. Previous revisions have all been deployed via FTP
Once the foundations and libraries are solidified, there are a couple of projects I plan to bring here
  • CSS Extractor - Originally hosted on, this tool scans the CSS of a target site and prepares information about it
  • Smart Home Dashboard - Still in the ideas stage, I plan to make a logger and centralised control system for smart home APIs
About the Author
The author of this "site" is a bloke. A bloke called Dan. Dan works at Freetimers Communications Ltd and sometimes doesn't get insulted over timescales. When not working with technology, Dan is asleep
Laravel v8.57.0 (PHP v7.4.30)